Pet Parents FAQ

If the customer pet is missing, it is your responsibility to immediately make a search around the area. We will advise what needs to be done and where to search. We will also help to provide up to USD$100 for a Facebook lost pet advertisement.

It is also the responsibility of the pet sitter to make a report to us within 24 hours and also to make a report to the police for suspecting theft. In the event the pet is not recovered, It is the pet sitter's responsibility to discuss with parents for their losses and any compensation. PetBacker cannot do anything as it is out of our control when the pet is with the pet sitters.

Please be reminded that pet parents may file a law suit against the pet sitter. In the event the pet is dead, which is an unlikely event, it will be the responsibility of the pet sitter and pet parents to send the pet for an autopsy to analyse if the cause is a result of a previous sickness, or a sickness or accident during the care of the pet sitter.

As such, it is important for you to send the pet to a vet if you suspect there is an issue before it is too late. Pet parents will need to pay for the 1st USD$350 of the fees while PetBacker's insurance will help settle the next USD$1500 vets fee.

PetBacker may withhold or delay any outstanding payouts to the sitter at its discretion pending investigations regarding the lost pet or until the pet is found. If the pet cannot be found, all payment for the related job will be refunded to the pet owner.

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Thank you for finding us here. We know choosing the best pet sitter for your pet is tough, especially if its the first time you need to travel since getting your pet dog or cat. This article is a must read for tips to make it easier to choose the best pet sitter for your pets.

For your safety and convenience we encourage owners and pet sitters to use our messaging system to chat to protect both parties in the event of a dispute. When a decision to hire is made, a pet owner can proceed to Book and Pay ONLY on PetBacker. The payment is always REFUNDABLE before the job starts if the owner decides not to proceed with the booking.

On PetBacker, you are part of a community of trusted pet lovers. If a Pet Sitter asks you to pay them in cash, simply say “No, thanks”. If they insist, we recommend that you report them to us and look for a different sitter. It is in everybody’s best interest to handle all bookings via our website or app.

how it works

PetBacker works by matching your request for pet services to pet service providers based on their skills, location and availability. You can also request for pet services directly from your preferred pet service providers by browsing the pet service provider directory in the app and the web. 

how it works

Pet service providers who are interested will respond to your request in the app with their profile, reviews from previous customers, along with quotations and details of what is included. A messaging feature allows you to talk with the individual pet service provider for more details before deciding to hire. 

Watch this 1 minute video for a quick overview of how PetBacker works

how petbacker works youtube

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How do I make payment?

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You can make a request for pet services through our website or through our app. You will get a few quotes from different sitters or walkers for you to compare within minutes to hours. We always recommend using the app as its more fun and you can hear a woof or meow everytime you receive a notifcation.

From the web

Use the following links to submit a request for these services:

From the app

There are two ways you can get pet services on PetBacker's app

  • Broadcasted requests: You just make a request from the "Get Pet Service" button in the "Pet Care" tab. Select the service you need, and answer a short questionnaire. Your request is then broadcast to all pet service providers that match the service requirements and location that you have requested.

     make request 4      make request 5

  • Direct request: Browse the pet service provider directory in the "Explore" tab in the app or on the web. Tap on the pet service provider you are interested in, and you can make a request directly to that pet service provider.

     browse listing 2      browse lisitng 2

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Review in listing

Reviews and ratings can be found in the pet service provider's listing. Tap on the review stars or number to view all that service provider's ratings and reviews. A review that is labelled "Verified" are reviews from pet parents who have hired the pet service provider on PetBacker.

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The badges displayed in PetBacker search results and on pet service provider profile pages are visual symbols of their love of pets and commitment to high-quality care.

You’ll spot other badges on PetBacker—as well as a few ribbons—but the most important are the ID, Sponsor, and Certification badges

facebook badge The Facebook badge means that the sitter or pet service provider has verified their Facebook account with their PetBacker account.
email badge The Email badge means that the sitter or pet service provider has verified their email account with their PetBacker account.
google badge The Google badge means that the sitter or pet service provider has verified their google account with their PetBacker account.
mobile badge The Mobile badge means that the sitter or pet service provider has verified their mobile number with their PetBacker account. This showcases their dedication to caring for your pet and are willing to be contacted over mobile phone.
id badge The ID badge means that the sitter or pet service provider has provided their personal ID with their PetBacker account. This showcases the sitter’s or pet service provider's credibility and reliability. It will also facilitate easier tracking and police investigations in the event of an unfortunate incident.
id badge The Business badge means that the sitter or pet service provider is a registered business and has presented us with their business registration details.
pro badge The Certification badge shows a sitter or pet service provider has presented us with certification indicating they are certified and trained in one of the many pet training programs. You may request details of the certification prior to hiring them.
pro badge The Sponsor badge shows a sitter’s or pet service provider's commitment to quality care. They pay an annual subscription fee, which gives them access resources that make them better prepared to care for your dog.
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Here are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when pay through PetBacker for your bookings:

  • Your money and pets are Secure and safe as we only release payment to the sitter 2 to 7 days later after the job is completed satisfactorily. You have 48 hours after the stipulated booking end date to raise any issues before we release the payment.
  • Get protected with Premium Protection Coverage when you hit a certain amount of accumulated fees
  • Get credits for Discount for your next booking
  • Keep a record of all transactions and able to review the sitter
  • Book the Sitter in advance so she know you are serious. Booking fees will be return if sitters can't confirm the job

Payment outside of PetBacker is against our terms and conditions.

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If you do not need the pet service any more you can close the request to prevent any more pet service providers from contacting you.

close request

1) Open your request details

2) Scroll all the way down and tap on close request

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You can contact and chat with us any time from the "Talk to support" feature in the app.

1) Tab on "My Profile"

2) Click on "Help Center"

talk to support 1

3) Tab on talk to support

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We have realised that trying to contact pet sitters one by one like in a typical directory is time consuming for both the pet parent and the pet sitters, as pet sitters may not pick the call, or they might not be available at the time you requested when you called in or might not even provide the service that you require. We designed the broadcast so that your pet service request will go to all relevant listings, and only those that are able to help you out at the time you specified will respond directly to you through the app, saving you countless hours searching and trying to contact the pet sitters individually.

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trust points

Trust points or badges are items we award to pet service providers who complete a variety of verifications with us. These items indicate how sincere and dedicated they are by being willing to verify their identity, certifications and personality with us. Check this list of items that we support and what each of them mean.

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We’d like to think so! PetBacker is a platform built on mutual trust that puts pet owners and pet sitters in contact. In the interest of everyone’s wellbeing, we do verify the contact details of pet sitters in various ways before they appear on the site, and remove any profiles that we think don’t quite meet the high bar we’ve set for PetBacker pet sitters. 

We always recommend making a refundable pre-payment before sharing personal contact information or having a meet and greet so you can ensure the other party is genuine and they’re right for your pet. Then, after the stay, pet owners can leave an evaluation of their experience that is shared on the pet sitter’s profile page.

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Fortunately, cases of emergencies are very rare, but it's best to prepare for them. If there’s an emergency, the pet sitter must decide the best course of action: either to go to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet's own veterinarian. It’s always a good idea to write detailed emergency instructions on your details form, or even write up a separate emergency guide.

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Pet Service Providers and pet sitters define their own cancellation policies. For more information, please check the pet sitter’s profile.

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When the Pet Owner makes a booking with a Pet Service Provider, money is not drawn from the Pet Owner's payment wallet until the pet sitter confirms the reservation. Instead the amount due for the booking is "reserved". Essentially the money never leaves the Pet Owner payment wallet, it only appears as a pending charge on the Pet Owner payment wallet.

When a Pet Sitter declines a reservation request, the reserved amount due for the booking will remain in the Pet Owner's payment wallet. The Pet Owner may use that money for another booking, or request for a refund.

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Yes, your pet is insured during the period of booking!

PetBacker has your backing with a free Insurance covering for all services booked through our site or mobile app! This means that you will benefit from ultimate peace of mind.

  • Care, Custody, Control – veterinary coverage for animals in pet sitters’ care: This section provides veterinary coverage for the Service User pets in the pet sitter’s care, custody or control. There is a USD$350 deductible for medical claims, to be covered by the pet owners. USD$1,000 capped limit for veterinary expenses in relation to an injury to your pet during the service. Once the full amount of money has been spent, the treatment of illness or injury won’t ever be covered again.
  • Errors and Omissions (aka Professional Liability) – covers accidental injury to the Service User pet: This section refers to accidental injury to a Service User pet in the sitter’s care. This type of insurance brings comfort to pet owners and sitters as, more often than not, any non-negligent harm arises where an animal in the sitter’s care has been accidentally harmed in the course of service delivery, through no specific fault of the sitter. Claims are subjected to a USD$350 excess payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim with a USD$1,000 capped claims limit.
  • Public Liability Insurance (aka Commercial General Liability) – covers pet sitters against third party claims: This section will pay the sums that pet sitters become legally obliged to pay as damages because of bodily injury to a third party person or damage to property of a third party. Claims are subjected to 5% fees or USD$1,000 whichever is higher for each and every occurence is payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim with a USD$4,000 capped claims limit.

For more information, please check Premium Protection Coverage.

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If you’re not absolutely happy with your experience, PetBacker offers pet owners a Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to our two legged members.  In order to be eligible, you obviously need to have organized a meet and greet with the sitter prior to the booking, have booked and paid via the PetBacker and have left a poor review for the sitter. Your claim needs to be submitted within 3 days of the end of the booking period via the “contact us” section. PetBacker will perform an internal investigation and the refund amount will be decided at PetBacker's discretion. This amount will be refunded within 7 banking days.

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All payments must be completed through the PetBacker platform. The payment process on PetBacker is secure and fully automated for both Pet Owner and Sitter, so neither the Pet Owner nor the Sitter needs to worry about the payments. The Sitter will receive his payment within a week after the job has been completed.

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Absolutely. PetBacker is a community of friendly, local animal lovers who welcome others' animals with great pleasure. Your pet will be much happier than in a kennel or cattery. Take a look at the pet sitter profiles on our site – all verified and regularly checked by our team - and let us know what you think.

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Yes. We request that PetBacker pet sitters describe the care they offer as thoroughly as possible. Some sitters do have a specialisation, and several are pet care professionals or have done vet training or volunteer work with animals. Look through the list of pet sitters in your region to see who is the best person to take care of your pet.

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Yes. You can negotiate with Pet Sitter to get a discount or you can follow through this referral program to get a discount.

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